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Our First Review

Christine Davenport

Review left by Christine Davenport

Recently, I was privileged to be the first visitor at Sedona Summer’s newly certified Art Gallery, Museum, Gift Shop & Gardens on Shady Drive in Harwich, MA. I was completely charmed, finding it to be a colorful, magical place chock full of not only a variety of art forms, but also items of whimsy that lead one to dream. Sedona is gracious and welcoming, and I felt like I could spend days exploring her treasures.
The outdoor space is extraordinary, a work in progress, planned for roaming or as a venue for casual or more sophisticated lunches or dinners, weddings, celebrations, and for parties of all kinds.
In addition, I returned to this incredible space at Sedona’s invitation to “pour paint,” an unforgettable experience guided by a very skilled & patient Sedona.
A visit to this amazing place for guests of all ages is not to be missed! I give it 5+ stars!


Sedona Summer's responce

Oh Christine, you are too gracious. 
Thank you for this lovely review. 
It was a treasure for me to meet you and to have you be the one to tour the Museum, officially, for the first time!
The "pour painting" was fun, wasn't it? I am glad you had fun trying this way of painting. You were a natural, and you created your first masterpieces!

The Home of an Artist

“As artists, our role is critical.  Creative expression is vital to a healthy and open-minded society. Artwork inspires people, gives them hope, and can touch a soul in a way that words cannot. The artist has a unique skill set to influence, inspire, and help others.”

Now a part of the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), Creative Ground is New England’s free online cultural directory. 

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Sedona is an Ordained Minister and could officiate at your wedding

The Star Gallery and The Home of an Artist Museum are opened Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM to 5 PM or by appointment for a private tour.

Heading 3

Dear friends,


I'd like to share some basic details about my property at 15 Shady Drive in East Harwich, MA.

It has been registered as a place of interest for the community. Here are some key features:


- I was the designer and general contractor of the home, completed in January 2000.

- Inside, the home features unique details like flagstone and beach stones from Nauset Beach, tongue and groove wood trim, and stained-glass elements.

- Outside, there are art pieces and various types of gardens including castleland, fairyland, Zenland, and Indian lands.


It's truly a magical place that everyone should come and see. Thank you for considering my endeavor.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place
on May 29, 2024.

We can host garden events at the museum during the summer months.

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Print and complete a three-page application for hosting a Garden Event.

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